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According to BrightEdge, organic search drives 53.3% of all website traffic -highlighting the importance of SEO for eCommerce websites. When it comes to optimising eCommerce for SEO, at Siteologists we don’t just focus on driving additional traffic, but driving real results. And to us, results are increased revenue.

By identifying your target audience and ensuring that your target searches have commercial intent across each stage of the buyer journey, you can build a steady flow of customers coming into your site.

Our modern, data-driven approach to eCommerce SEO covers all the bases, while also honing in on optimisations that will make a real difference to your sites commercial performance.

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eCommerce SEO – what are the search engines looking for?

Although developing an eCommerce SEO strategy holds many of the same principles of a lead-gen SEO strategy. However, there are certain elements of SEO that we have seen be most impactful in the eCommerce space.

By giving extra attention to the aspects of SEO that we know work in the eCommerce site industry, we can ensure that our eCommerce SEO campaigns have the maximum impact.


In order to ensure we’re getting maximum visibility within the search engine results, here are some of the key things we focus on when it comes to eCommerce SEO.

  • eCommerce keyword research
  • Investigate long tail keywords
  • Regular reviews of Google Search Console
  • Clean site architecture
  • URL structure optimisation
  • Major focus on internal linking
  • Optimise internal link anchor text
  • Category page optimisation
  • Grouping of relevant products
  • Relevant schema mark-up
  • Product page optimisation

eCommerce SEO Benefits


Good technical SEO is a fundamental step to achieving organic search engine growth in the eCommerce space.

ecommerce SEO

Boost ecomm sales from enhanced search visibility utilising structured product schema.

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Our tech SEO website speed optimisations will propel your site up the search results.

Linking Strategy

Properly implemented internal and external linking strategies are essential to eCommerce SEO success.

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eCommerce SEO best-practices will help your business quickly realise online growth goals.

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Our SEO geniuses are highly skilled at finding opportunities to keep your eCommerce site one-step ahead of the competition.

eCommerce SEO FAQs

What is SEO for eCommerce?

SEO for e-commerce is the process of optimising a website so that it can rank more highly in search engines. Several factors affect how well a website ranks on the SERPs, such as the quality and relevance of the content, the use of appropriate keywords to optimise the site, and the site’s load speed.

What are the best eCommerce platforms for SEO?

When it comes to the best eCommerce platform for SEO, that all depends on the specific needs of the business. There are pros and cons of each eCommerce platform when it comes to SEO.

For example, Shopify is easy to set-up and manage, yet making technical changes to Shopify’s liquid theme can be tricky. Magento is a fantastic platform for managing product data and stock level; however, isn’t great when it comes to presenting content. WooCommercewith WordPress allows a lot of flexibility and great SEO implementation, but can become expensive with the add-ons needed for certain functionality.

If you’re considering changing eCommerce platforms, then consulting an eCommerce agency such as Siteologists regarding your website migration could help you to avoid any drop in organic search performance.

Why is SEO important for eCommerce sites?

SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase the revenue and profits for an eCommerce business. Unlike paid search campaigns, sales generated from the organic search results have a higher profit margin as you do not have to pay for the traffic.

By ensuring that your site is well optimised for search, you can ensure that the search engines best understand your site and rank it for the appropriate keywords.

Is link building important for eCommerce?

Yes. Linking is extremely important for eCommerce sites. Whether it’s building external backlinks from authoritative, relevant sites, or internally linking to your core pages using well optimised anchor text, these links will help search engines better understand the purpose of your site and its pages.

Can you SEO a product page?

Yes. You can definitely SEO a product page. After all, a product page is still a page, meaning the same principles apply. You should consider all of the below when looking to optimise a product page for SEO:

  • Optimise the title, focus on the product name and top level details
  • Create a truly unique description of the product – include all of the details that you believe the user would find useful
  • Ensure the product page URL makes sense and includes relevant keywords
  • Use high quality, optimised imagery
  • Include product schema
  • Consider the user-experience when creating the page layout

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