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With over 30million sites currently live on WordPress, the platform is the internet’s most popular website CMS. One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is undoubtedly the fact it’s such an SEO friendly CMS.
While the WordPress platform comes with various SEO friendly features, that doesn’t mean you can neglect implementing a solid SEO strategy.

Despite WordPress giving you a solid foundation to be successful in the organic search engine results, you still need to pay close attention to site architecture, user-experience, content and acquiring high-quality backlinks.

At Siteologists, our team of WordPress SEO specialists will develop and implement an SEO strategy that really moves the needle for your organic performance. By evaluating your current website, its performance, the SERP landscape and the competition, we will identify the optimisations needed to take your site’s organic performance to the next level.

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The benefits of WordPress sites for SEO

There are many benefits of building your site on the WordPress platform. However, in order to fully harness the power of your WordPress site, it’s important to have the right people working on your project.

By working with a WordPress SEO agency such as Siteologists, you can make the most of your WordPress site, ensuring you take advantage of the fantastic foundation provided to generate organic performance.

  • Free – WordPress is a free platform. Although there are some paid features that are great for SEO within WordPress, it does not cost anything to use the WordPress platform.
  • Flexibility – The nature of the WordPress CMS means that you can essentially have full flexibility to create a website that works for you and your business.Read more...

    eCommerce functionality – Despite initially being a CMS geared towards blogging, WordPress has the functionality to be a powerful eCommerce platform.
  • Development – As WordPress is open source, it makes it the ideal platform to implement your development changes. Unlike platforms such as Shopify that run on a more rigid .liquid theme. WordPress has very few constraints.
  • Usability – The backend platform of WordPress is extremely user-friendly, meaning that it’s simple enough for those who are not developers or even WordPress experts to maintain the site and make day-to-day amendments.

The benefits of WordPress for SEO


As an open source platform, the opportunities for functionality and optimisations on WordPress are endless.

ecommerce SEO

WordPress can provide fantastic platform for eCommerce SEO. Whether it’s WooCommerce or an alternative eCommerce solution, WordPress offers a great foundation.

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With WordPress as your platform, you’ll be able to create a website without code bloat – ensuring high quality site performance and user-experience.

Linking Strategy

WorkPress allows you easily manage your main site and blog within the same CMS.

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The user-friendly back-end of WordPress allows you to make simple changes to your site without the need of a developer.

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Our WordPress SEO geniuses are highly skilled at finding opportunities to keep your site one-step ahead of the competition.

eCommerce SEO FAQs

Do I need a WordPress agency for SEO?

When running an SEO campaign on WordPress, it’s tempting to utilise plug-ins and the platform’s usability to attempt DIY SEO. However, no matter what CMS you are using, it’s important to have people who are SEO experts working on your campaigns.

Our WordPress SEO agency has a team of experienced digital experts who can work with you to build your organic rankings and drive SEO performance.

How does SEO work on WordPress?

SEO works on WordPress as it does on any website platform. Despite the difference in back-end platforms, the core principles of SEO success remain the same. By creating great content, constructing a solid, cohesive site architecture and building quality backlinks your WordPress site has every chance to succeed in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Do all WordPress sites need an SEO plug-in?

Although it’s not mandatory for all WordPress websites to have an SEO plug-in; installing one is definitely useful. Typically, our preference with any WordPress site is to install the Yoast SEO plug-in. This gives you some much needed functionality when it comes to adding page titles, descriptions, canonical tags and also allows you to easily noindex and nofollow certain parts of your site.

Is WordPress an open source platform?

Yes. WordPress is an open source platform. As WordPress is an open source CMS, there is essentially unlimited flexibility with what you can achieve on the platform. From design to functionality, WordPress gives you a variety of options to build the site to best serve your business.

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