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Needless to say, each and every website out there can be improved. Our thorough technical SEO audit process investigates current performance, issues holding the site back and identifies the primary opportunities from growth. All of the information is included in a comprehensive SEO strategy, with a structured approach of how to tackle any issues highlighted.

Our team dive deep into your site, taking into account the factors that contribute to how both the user and the search engine bots view each web page and that page’s relationship with the rest of the site. By understanding user and search engine behaviour, we determine the friction points and provide the answers when it comes to fixing them.

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What’s Covered in a Technical SEO Audit?

Everything we do is driven by data – and that includes our technical SEO audit service.

  • Full Website Crawl
  • Site Speed Performance
  • Google’s Core Web Vital Metrics
  • Google Tag Manager Review
  • Google Search Console Review
  • Mobile Friendliness (Mobile SEO)
  • Crawlability & Indexability
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Website Navigation
  • Informative Architecture
  • Internal Linking Structure


  • Content Silo Structures
  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt file
  • Broken Links (Internal Links & External Links)
  • HTML Title Tags, Headings and Meta Descriptions

Technical SEO Benefits


Good technical SEO is a fundamental step to achieving organic search engine growth.

ecommerce SEO

Boost ecomm sales from enhanced search visibility utilising structured product schema.

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Our tech SEO website speed optimisations will propel your site up the search results.

Linking Strategy

Properly implemented internal and external linking strategies are essential to SEO success.

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Technical SEO implementations will help your business quickly realise online growth goals.

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Our SEO geniuses are highly skilled at finding opportunities to keep one-step ahead of your competitors.

Technical SEO Audit Questions?

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is the process of analysing the technical elements of a website and identifying areas for improvement. Any technical SEO audit should be conducted with a real focus on data, with the aim of improving the way in which users and search engine bots can navigate and understand the site.

What should be in a technical SEO audit?

There are many elements that should be included within a technical SEO audit. Google Search Console review, web page speeds, information architecture and schema (structured data) are all elements that should be reviewed. However, at Siteologists, we don’t do ‘checklist audits’ We evaluate each site on it’s own merit, auditing and creating a bespoke technical SEO audits to inform SEO strategy moving forward.

What are technical SEO services?

Technical SEO services have a huge focus on both the user and search engine bots. From crawl budget analysis, to navigation structures and much more, our technical SEO experts have a wealth of experience in crafting and implementing cutting edge strategies across a range of industries.

How long does a technical SEO audit take?

The length of time it takes to conduct a technical SEO audit largely depends on two factors; the depth of the audit and the complexity of the site. All of our technical SEO audits are extremely thorough, with a deep look at site structure, page speed, site structure, internal and external links and much more.

What tools do you use for a technical SEO audit?

We use a variety of tools throughout our technical SEO audit process. Some of our favourite tools we use include, but aren’t limited to Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, AhRefs, SiteBulb and Google PageSpeed Insights.

How important is Google Search Console for SEO audits?

Google Search Console is one of the most important tools when it comes to conducting a technical SEO audit. Although there are many tools out there that can assist with a technical SEO audit, Google Search Console gives us access to data straight from Google, making it absolutely invaluable when constructing an SEO strategy.

Should I use a technical SEO checklist?

Using a checklist when conducting a technical SEO audit can be a great starting point. However, it’s critical to remember that each site is unique and that it should be evaluated in such a way.


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